The first CULTAN Liquid Fertilizer Units of self-production.

Dosierung von Flüssigdüngern - Dosage of liquid fertilizers

The spring field season is in full swing.

PE “Agroremmash-Plus” started deliveries and putting into operation the first mechanisms of their own production designated for application of liquid fertilizers according to CULTAN technology. 

CULTAN technology consists in the dosed and point application of KAS, LCF and other liquid fertilizers into the soil to a depth of 6-7 cm. Owing to this a plant has required immediate fertilizer supply, regardless of precipitation.

In addition, above mentioned technology also makes it possible to maintain uniform dosing over entire area, unlike spreaders and sprayers, which are affected by wind speed.

Therefore the Injection Wheel Fertilizers MaxiMarin – allow as efficient usage of fertilizers as possible, economically and regardless of weather conditions..

injection_wheel_cultan_1.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_10.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_11.jpg

injection_wheel_cultan_12.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_2.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_3.jpg

injection_wheel_cultan_4.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_5.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_6.jpg

injection_wheel_cultan_7.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_8.jpg injection_wheel_cultan_9.jpg

Model ІП 1230 ІП 1245 ІП 2460 ІП 2461 ІП 3281
Capacity , l 500 500 500 2000-3000 2000-3000
Working width, cm 300 450 600 600 800
Type Mounted Mounted Mounted Trailed Trailed
The number of
working bodies
12 12-18 24 24 32
The distance between
working bodies,
25 25 25 25 25
Weight 600 700 1100 1600 1800
Tractor h.p. 50 60 80 80 105
Application rate, l / ha 50-400 50-400 80-600 80-600 100-800
Dosage Сomputer Сomputer Сomputer Сomputer Сomputer

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