Contour pruning machine OSK-9

Contour pruning machine OSK-9   Contour pruning machine OSK-9

Contour pruning machine ОСК - 9 is used for cutting branches and shaping crowns of orchard trees, is equipped with disk saws (40 cm in diameter) and has 3 working contours.

Such machine is effective while pruning both young trees where branch thickness does not exceed 3-5 cm and old plantations where branches are up to 10 cm.

Average working speed is about 0,6 ha per hour.

Size of cutting sections, cm Number of saws, pcs
40 255 83 1 6 2

obrezchik sadovy kontyrniy OCK 9 05

The standard model has 3 hydraulic movements: hydraulic lifting, lateral movement and hydraulic inclination of the main vertical frame.

Both upper and lower cutting bars are adjusted mechanically and have inclination angle up to 90°

The control is carried out from a tractor’s cab with the help of levers and there is no necessity to extend additional hydraulic hoses and use extra equipment such as joystick and so on. It makes the machine less expensive.

Tachometer is installed for operation comfort.

obrezchik sadovy kontyrniy OCK 9 02

Working speed of disk saws – 2000-2500 rpm
This device informs about the following:

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The pruning machine is delivered in the set with independent hydraulic system driven by a tractor PTO.

Tank with capacity of 120 l, additional filter and radiator for cooling hydraulic oil, pump ensures reliable and smooth functioning of the whole system.