Fan garden sprayer MaxiMarin with a tower

Fan orchard sprayer with a tower MaxiMarin for orchards and vineyards

The Fan orchard sprayer with a tower is designated for providing high quality and smooth spraying in orchards, vineyards, berry fields with special chemical solutions. Its use guarantees an increase in the yield of applied crops. The treatment performed protects plants from diseases and pests.

Constructive peculiarities of the fan orchard sprayer with a tower ensure practicality and effectiveness of protective treatment. Owing to the tower existence spraying can be carried out up to 6 meters in height. The approximate speed of work is from 8 to 10 km / h. with application speed from 60 to 2000 liters per hectare.

Completing units and advantages:

  • - Tank material - fiberglass;
  • - An additional tank for pure water;
  • - The solution mixer placed in a tank - hydraulic;
  • - Self-injection of fluid into a barrel from external tanks;
  • - All metal parts of the sprayer, frame, fan group are galvanized - are not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. All above mentioned features increase operating life of the machine;
  • - The hinged type of a trailing device allows copying ground contour according to the radius of tractor rotation, increasing its cross-country ability and stability on uneven area.

Fan garden sprayer MaxiMarin with a tower

Technical characteristics: :


2000 l, corrosion resistant fiberglass with stem cutting bar, hydraulic jet mixer, lid with lock, filter, front and side level indicator, drain valve .


Comet APS 145 high pressure diaphragm pump, capacity 149 l/min, 0-50 bar. .


Super-fan 800 mm, gearbox 1950-2450 rpm, 22 nozzles .


Reinforced construction with a step plate, frame, tower and all metallic components are galvanized (not exposed to corrosion and oxidation), tires 10.0/75-15.3.

Hinged type coupling

2-point hinged coupling, for copying ground contour

PTO shaft with freewheel


Mounted regulator produced by Comet company

opryskivatel sadovy ventilyatorny maxi marin shahta

Fan unit of tower type


Steel, processed by the method of hot galvanization.

Fiberglass (gearbox protection cones)

Comer gearbox (Italy), 2-speed;

Double position nozzles with ejectors, brazen, 11+11 pcs;

Propellers 800 mm with aluminum core and blades made of fiberglass. Perfectly balanced.