The Pole Setting Machine puts up columns, stakes, support, protections

The Pole Setting Machine is designed for simple pushing in stakes and posts for supporting structures in vineyards and orchards, as well as in the construction of fences and other protection guards. The mechanism is irreplaceable while building solar stations.

The Pole Setting Machine  puts up columns, stakes, support, protections

Its application is possible for steel, concrete, wooden and plastic poles. Stakes and posts are pushed in either directly where soil conditions allow that or into special borings made by additional hydraulic drill with water supply.

Such technology is usually applied in the conditions of soil or while settling posts of prolonged diameter. Pushing cylinder with lifting up to 100 cm is usually brought into action by hydraulic system of a tractor.

The mechanism is equipped with the system of inclination allowing working on the slopes up to 20°. .

The function of additional hydraulic lateral movement is installed for improving work precision, and is also controlled from the operator’s seat.

In comparison with other technological construction schemes high mobility and productivity is a striking advantage, for example, the average working rate while using metal poles is up to 150 pcs per hour and with concrete poles and using a hydraulic drill it is up to 80 pcs per hour.

The kit includes a hydraulic drill through which water is supplied in order to puncture the soil with the least effort both for a tractor and pole setting machine. Diameter of the drill is 60 x 60 mm..

A pushing cylinder with a lift of up to 100 cm ., usually operated from tractor's hydraulic system.

The mechanism is installed on MTZ - 80 (82) by our specialists. To ensure full-fledged operation of the mechanism a tank with a pump is required to supply water to hydraulic drill.