Two-row vineyard sprayer of turbine type MaxiMarin


opryskivatel vinogradnikovyi dvuhryadny maximarinTwo-row vineyard sprayer of turbine type MaxiMarin

The two-row vineyard sprayer of turbine type MaxiMarin

The mechanism is used for processing vineyards, shrubberies of intensive orchards.


  • Simultaneous processing of 2 rows at once.
  • Fuel saving up to 40%..
  • Productivity is 50% higher.
  • Possibility of low volume spraying. . It significantly ((for 3-4 times) ) reduces water consumption and, accordingly, the number of refueling and moving.


2000 l, corrosion resistant fiberglass with stem cutting bar, hydraulic jet mixer, lid with lock, filter, front and side level indicator, drain valve.


Comet APS 145 - high pressure diaphragm pump, capacity 149 l/min, 0-50 bar.


550 мм aluminum turbine , Gearbox - 3780-4158 rpm., 27 000 cubic meters per hour. 8 * 2 nozzles


Reinforced construction with a step plate, frame, tower and all metallic components are galvanized (not exposed to corrosion and oxidation), tires 10.0/75-15.3.

Towing device of hinged type

2-point hinged coupling, for copying ground contour

PTO shaft with freewheel


Mounted regulator produced by Comet company.