The vineyard tunnel sprayer saves plant protection agents and fuel by 40%.

opryskivatel tunnelnyj

One of the main expenditures of vine producers is the expense on plant protection products.

Agronomists and farm directors "puzzle" over the issue how to save on plant protection products and avoid losing in quality.

One of the most effective methods is the usage of a tunnel (portal) sprayer equipped with system for recirculation of working fluid.

While spraying with a standard fan sprayer, some part of working fluid, namely 40-50%, settles in between the rows.

Apart from direct losses, there is also harmful impact on environment, as the solution can penetrate into groundwater together with precipitation.

Above mentioned method of spraying is not possible in windy weather.

In case of spraying by a mechanism of tunnel type, the row is placed in a kind of tunnel and all liquid that flies past the bush settles on the opposite panel of a sprayer and returns back to the system.

This method allows saving up to 40% of plant protection agents and spraying in windy conditions.

In addition, in conditions of simultaneous processing of two complete rows, fuel costs are reduced by up to 50%, spraying process is accelerated and labor costs are reduced.