New products developed by Rinieri company - the market leader for orchard and vineyard equipment

rinieri bio dynamic novinki agroremmash plus 01

In 2018, Rinieri company has participated in more than 20 - exhibition venues where the following new mechanisms designated both for orchards and vineyards were introduced:

Bio Dynamic in-row device – a new weed control solution!

Multifunction frame with Bio - Disk and Bio - Star, working tools is designed for providing weed control without using herbicides.

Turbo - is a one-sided in and out group, designated for cutting weed roots even in rows with a minimum distance between plants at a speed of 5-6 km / h.

Twin Turbo - two-sided in and out group which accelerates soil processing owing to two working tools that allow to process 2 rows simultaneously in one pass.

rinieri twin turbo novinki agroremmash plus

CRV Vision - Double trimmer with U-shaped rotating knives

The modernized double blade cutting bars are very resistant and provide highly precise cut due to the double movement of the teeth, stainless steel cutting blades with rotating knives are characterized by long service life and easy operation.

rinieri dvoynaja chekanochnaya mashina

Pruning machine for orchards CRF X will form a crown of any kind of trees.

Two cutting bars with disks can easily cope with branches up to 8 cm in diameter.

sadovyj obrezchik crf x novinki agroremmash plus

Bush cutter BRP - X is designated both for front or telescopic loaders.

It is equipped with ⌀ 600 mm circular saw discs, capable of cutting branches Ø up to 15 sm. Very simple and easy in operation.

rinieri kustorez brp x novinki agroremmash plus

Double side orchard pruning machine CRB 2 for skirting.

Sickle bars with "SCH" blades will easily remove lower branches Ø up to 4 sm.

dvuhstoronnyaja obreznaya mashina crb 2 novinki argoremmash plus

In 2018, the alliance of two leading agricultural machinery manufacturers Rinieri Srl and Argnani & Monti took place. At the moment it is possible to find front loaders, bulldozers and snow blowers (producing by Argnani & Monti since 1965) in the current Rinieri range.

This step repeatedly reaffirms the leadership of Rinieri Srl in development of innovative technological solutions for agricultural sector.

obyedinenie argnani and monti i rinieri novinki agroremmash plus

We do not cease to keep track of the new products that already await us in 2019!

Keep up with the trend!