New products from Seppi M for 2018

The company Seppi M never stands still, development and implementation of new technologies in mulching process is a basic principle of company operation. 2018 is coming to an end, it's time to sum up.

The share of Seppi M on the market of forestry mulchers in Ukraine is estimated to have increased by 12% and is currently at 64%. The number of new products indicates that the market share in 2019 will continue to grow. So, what's new with Seppi M ?.

The first and foremost news – is the introduction of B20 biomass harvester. This machine allows crushing trees up to 20 cm in diameter accompanied with simultaneous grinding and collection of wood remains into a trailer / container.

The orchard mower APPLE Variomatic, that automatically adjusts working width depending on the type of plantation allows mowing grass both in the interrow zone and directly in a row. .

The new type of V-lock rotor – is a patented system of rigid teeth attachment to the rotor. Hammers are even more tightly held in the slots, which makes it practically impossible to fall down even in the most aggressive working conditions.

The new type of milling rotor in Starsoil universal forestry tiller – now has the ratio of 4/1 between tooth and holder length. All abrasive loads fall namely on the hammer instead of its holder, which extends service life of the rotor to the major MOT up to 5000 moto hours. And again, the V-Lock mounting system. V-Lock .

mulcher starsoil rotor typ v lock 01 mulcher starsoil rotor typ v lock 02

The Microforst forestry mulcher is the smallest among mulchers, but at the same time very productive. Model if designated for combination with different chassis on remote control. Working with the help of Seppi mulchers is not only convenient but very pleasant now.

The Starforst model line – received a "sequel" in the form of Starforst 2. Working width became 10 cm more - up to 2.6 m and again a new type rotor with Monotip teeth was presented. More aggressive attack angle, improved performance and shredding quality accompanied with reducing costs.

All above mentioned forestry mulchers are already available for order in Ukraine.