Advantages of galvanized metal poles for vineyards.

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Metal poles are resistant to sharp changes in temperature, adverse weather, the service life is many times longer than other types of supports. Such result is achieved by application of protective coating (galvanizing) technology on metal supports and usage of stainless steel with thickness 1.5 mm.

The construction of a pole includes holes and grooves for wire with an interval of 100 mm.

Unlike metal ones, concrete and wooden poles become destroyed to a considerable extent from adverse weather.

Steel poles are lighter and more stable compared to concrete ones.

The operating costs are minimal (for example, when a concrete pole slopes or falls, it carries the entire row with its weight. After this it requires considerable effort and material costs to restore the vineyard). Protective zinc-coated steel poles devoid of such drawback.

Trellis supports are easily installed both manually or mechanically (using a hydraulic drill) in any type of soil and work steadily even in condition of shallow installation, are resistant to loads, and rarely need repair.

In comparison with concrete and wooden supports, the required quantity of metal poles is significantly less per hectare - up to 800 pcs. Depending on a plant, the average distance between supports is up to 6 m.

Poles are designated for application in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses. It is also possible to use poles as supports for fencing (mesh, wire).

The service life of galvanized metal poles is more than 40 years.