The application of CULTAN technology for feeding row crops

pidjivluvach cultan 01

2020 year, heavy rains in early spring and subsequent drought right until the harvesting period. Even in this difficult period, MAXIMARIN multi-injection mechanisms for application of UAN fertilizers into the soil have proved their efficiency for early grain crops.

And how are the things going with row crops?

Exactly in the same way, the units of our production are easily adapted to any interrow spacing, moreover, each needle or working body can be turned towards a crop row and arranged in such a way that UAN fertilizers can be applied from 2 sides of the row in the immediate vicinity of the plants.

As an example, the Injection fertilizer unit CULTAN (for a 6-row seeder) with working width 4.2 meters was individually produced for our customer in March 2020. The working elements are arranged in such a way that UAN-28 is applied at a distance of 7 cm from a row.

The personal approach to each customer allows us to create the most efficient mechanisms on an individual basis.

pidjivluvach cultan 02